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Mid-Ohio Completes the Series

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

The final event in our three weekend/four event series is next weekend at Mid-Ohio. SVRA’s Grand Prix of Mid-Ohio has been a fixture of the SVRA schedule for over forty years.

Mid-Ohio is a very technical track over its 2.4 miles. This year the course does not include the chicane leading into turn 2 so braking and transitioning back on to power for the back straight will be important. The sequence after the back straight, including Madness (turn 5) is all about carrying speed into it, balancing your car through Madness and then getting back on the power. The crest at turn 9, leading to Thunder Valley will put each corner of your car through the sequence of good grip, understeer, then catching that corner as you push over the hill and descend into Thunder Valley. Just to complicate things each corner of your car goes through this sequence separately. Having written that, turn 9 is quite fast. The carousel, the final turn onto the start/finish straight, requires patience and then a quick throttle application to the finish line.

There will not be a Monoposto party at Mid-Ohio, although trophies for the 2022 Monoposto champions will be available for presentation.

Travis Engen


Monoposto Racing

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