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Monoposto Racing supports the racing of vintage single seat cars in North America.  Founded in 1987 by dedicated American and Canadian racers, today Monoposto Racing conducts championships in eleven different open wheel car categories, from Formula Vee to Indy Lights.  This effort begins with maintaining a set of specifications for these classes of formula cars.  Monoposto car specifications have been generally adopted by race organizers across North America and provide clarity for car preparation and promote fair competition.


Each year the Monoposto board selects a number of events sanctioned by various race organizations to set the schedule of races that are scored and together set the conditions for selection of Monoposto Champions.  Scoring details and the standings are posted elsewhere on


A Monoposto member hosts a social activity at most events encouraging familiarity among competitors.  We believe this improves on track behavior. 


For over 30 years Monoposto Racing has represented vintage open wheel racers and has been entirely staffed by volunteers who also race these cars.

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