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2023 Champions Named & 2024 Schedule Released

Now that it’s 2024 it’s past time to announce Monoposto’s 2023 Champions and the 2024 schedule.  The competition was strong in each of the classes of the winning Champions.  The

Champions are:


Formula Ford              Jim Buchanan

Club Ford                     Kim Madrid

Formula B                   Pearce Raeder

Formula Atlantic         Josh Boller

Indy Lights                   Travis Engen


Congratulations to each of these drivers!


If you’re thinking you were or could be a contender, look at this year’s schedule shown below and on and plan which events you will participate in as you strive to be one of our 2024 Champions.


The Monoposto events for 2024 are:


HSR Road Atlanta                    April 25 to 28                          All classes

     SVRA Road America                May 16 to 19                          All classes

     VARAC Vintage Grand Prix      June 13 to 16                          All classes but Indy Lights

     SVRA Indianapolis                  June 13 to 16                          All classes

     WeatherTech Road America   July 11 to 14                            All classes

     VSCDA Grattan                       August 9 to 11                         All classes but Indy Lights

     SVRA Watkins Glen                August 21 to 25                      All classes

     VSCDA Road America            September 13 to 15                All classes

     SVRA COTA                            October 31 to November 3     All classes


Since two of the events are on the same weekend you have the possibility of getting to 8 events (7 for Indy Lights).  Remember that it’s your ten best race results (typically 5 events) that are scored and you need to participate in 3 events to make the minimum for a championship.


The first event is three months away so if you haven’t prepped your car for 2024 it’s time to get started.  I wish everyone the best in 2024 and look forward to seeing you at the track.

Travis Engen

President, Monoposto

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