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2024 Starts This Weekend

Updated: Apr 22

                  Monoposto’s 2024 racing begins this weekend at Road Atlanta.  The Mitty has been on our schedule for many years as it is a fitting track to begin testing our driving skills each year.  Road Atlanta is a wonderful circuit with significant elevation changes and several flowing turn sequences, including notably the esses.  The section that begins in turn 10 and ends with turn 3 is really fast and goes sharply downhill and then sharply uphill.  Because of the high level of simultaneous lateral and vertical G loads I suspect that many drivers take it while holding their breath.    


                  It’s unfortunate that the entry list for the open wheel group for the Mitty is small and as I’m writing this is entirely composed of higher power wings and slicks cars.  These cars and drivers usually have very close although respectful competition, but it can be daunting to be racing a Classic formula car while sharing the track with faster machines.


                  One point to note when making your decisions on which events to enter is that this year there are fewer events on the Monoposto schedule than last year, making each of them more important for championship scoring.  Even at this date it is not too late for you to enter the event and take advantage of the low entry count.


                  The weather for the weekend looks great with generally dry conditions and temperatures ranging from the 50s to the 70s each day.  2023 Monoposto Championship trophies have been delivered but since I won’t be at the Mitty this year they will be distributed beginning at the next event at Road America in a few weeks.


                                                                  Travis Engen

                                                                  President, Monoposto


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