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The Championship Battles Continue

Next weekend brings Monoposto to Road America for the second weekend of competition in the 2024 Monoposto Championships. This event is the first of three events at Road America on our schedule this year. Each of them typically has good grids in both Classic and F70. In addition, for this SVRA event and unlike our other scheduled events at Road America, formula cars are eligible for the endurance race offering another hour of track time on Sunday morning.


Since the repaving for last season the track has seen lots of racing but should still be in great shape. The long-range weather forecast projects good temperatures for racing but with a chance of showers each day, adding to the challenge of the track layout.

A signature feature of the track is the Carousel. Classic cars will spend about 10 seconds at 1.5 lateral Gs in it before heading to the famous Kink. Three long straights in each lap will let you get to top speed and test your draft passing skills as well. Taken all together, Road America offers lots of opportunities to test and improve your driving skills.


The trophies for the 2023 Monoposto Champions will be at the track. I will try to find each 2023 Champion at the event for a presentation, but you are welcome to locate me in the paddock as well.



                                                Travis Engen

                                                President, Monoposto

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