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Monoposto Announces 2022 Champions

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

The 2022 Monoposto season ended at the Circuit of the Americas with championships decided in all the eleven Monoposto class categories. Our 2022 champions are as follows:

Historic Formula Ford – Dan Cowdrey

Club Ford – Marty Potashnik

Formula B – Travis Engen

Formula Super Vee – Tom Fraelich & Tom Pixley

Formula 5000 – Tom Simpson

Indy Lights – Travis Engen

(While there were championship leaders in Formula Vee, Formula Junior, Classic F2, Formula Atlantic, and F70/Formula 2, none of them met our participation threshold of 3 events.)

Two of our 2022 champions deserve special notice. Tom Simpson is repeating as the Formula 5000 champion and (immodestly) Travis Engen has won in two championship classes: Formula B and Indy Lights.

Shortly after we secure the schedules for each of the sanctioning organizers on which we usually base our event selections we will announce the 2023 Monoposto schedule. In addition to looking at participation levels and choosing events that reflect the locations of our members, for the last few years we have been trying to have all of our championship classes compete at all of our events. (This seems to really build participation and camaraderie.) Please email me if you have suggestions for the 2023 schedule.

Finally, it's time to get busy preparing your car and equipment for 2023. Check your seat belts and HANS devices for their certification periods as well as checking your helmet certification milestone so you are prepared with these important safety equipment items when you resume racing in 2023.

Travis Engen

President, Monoposto Racing

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