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Two Options Next Weekend

Updated: Jun 11

Next weekend brings Monoposto’s only double header this year.  It’s a real tragedy that these two events have been on the same weekend for many years because both of the venues - Indy and CTMP (formerly Mosport) - are iconic and very interesting.


VARAC's Vintage Grand Prix at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and the SVRA Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational at Indianapolis Motor Speedway both have large entry lists for open wheel cars.  There are over 80 open wheel cars entered for each of the CTMP and Indy events.  It's clear that regardless of which track and what class you might be in, you will not have a problem finding some close competition.


Each event and each track has its attractions.  The VARAC event is the 44th Vintage Grand Prix and as such offers a very full schedule of racing and off-track activities.  As is VARAC's practice, after the first day's running each session is a race with the grid set by the previous session's results.  You get the opportunity to move up the results sheets as you learn the track and improve your driving while enjoying more than the typical vintage event's two races.


At Indy we will be racing on the road course that IndyCar raced on before this year’s Indy 500.  It’s a challenging circuit with lots of passing opportunities.  The open wheel entries are spread across three run groups, FVs in one, Fords and FB cars in another and wings & slicks in a third. In addition to the normal opportunity to earn points leading to a possible Monoposto championship, Sunday will bring race three of this year’s Formula B Continental Championship.  Off-track activities feature prominently on the SVRA schedule resulting in a full weekend.


Because of the size and schedule of each event, there will not be a Monoposto party at CTMP or Indy.  However, trophies for the 2023 Monoposto champions will be at Indy and available for presentation.

                                                            Travis Engen


                                                            Monoposto Racing

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