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Three Great Tracks in a Row

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

September will be a busy month for Monoposto. The first of our events this month will be next weekend with SVRA’s Watkins Glen SpeedTour. The September race at The Glen has been on the Monoposto schedule for many years. All Monoposto classes are welcome.

In addition to the on-track activities, the Watkins Glen schedule includes fun off-track activities like the Historical Tech Inspection Re-enactment at Smalley’s Garage and the Downtown Festival Old Course Re-enactment. Unfortunately, formula cars are excluded from these re-enactments, but you can still be a spectator. You can also drive your streetcar around the Old Course sometime over the weekend.

SVRA has not published the entry list but The Glen’s Classic Monoposto run group has usually had about 20 entries while the wings & slicks group has been larger, meaning that no matter what your pace is there should be someone for you to dice with. While the weather forecast ten days ahead is not clear, at this time of year any showers should be short lived.

There will be a Monoposto party at The Glen that is now planned to occur at the conclusion of racing on Saturday. (If this time changes you will be notified on the false grid earlier in the event.) Our party hosts will be Marc & Cindy Giroux, Mark and Stacy Clark, and Paul Subject and Christina Murdoch.

I hope to see you at the track.

Travis Engen

President Monoposto

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