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Road America Next Weekend

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

The Ariens Art on Wheels Vintage Weekend featuring VSCDA at Road America is next weekend. This will be the third Monoposto event at this historic track this year.

Last year the Classic Monoposto run group had over 17 entries while the wings & slicks group had 23. Entries this year are expected to be similar with the addition of many formula Vees because of the formula Vee celebration of the 60thanniversary of formula Vee. There will be four run groups featuring Monoposto cars with two of these being dedicated to formula Vee. meaning that no matter what your pace is there should be someone for you to dice with. A special feature this year is the celebration of the 60th anniversary of formula Vee.

The Road America schedule is full of additional on and off-track activities with a Road Course re-enactment, a Concours d’ Elegance and activities honoring “Women of Motorsports”. Of special interest to Monoposto members is the fact that the event is also the fourth event this year commemorating the 1967 beginning of formula B. A large group of FB cars is anticipated for the formula B only race that will close the weekend. All-in-all the entry list is driven by the fact that VSCDA and HSR are jointly presenting the event.

The weather forecast looks promising with typical Wisconsin late summer/early fall weather that is delightful.

There will be a Monoposto party on Saturday afternoon at 5pm. The party host will be Bob Burnside and the location will be in his paddock area located in the upper paddock above the tech building.

I hope to see you at the track.

Travis Engen

President Monoposto

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