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2019 Barber - All Classes are Welcome!

A few weeks ago, Barber Motorsports Park hosted Indy Cars in their third race of the year.  This parklike race track is flowing with 17 turns and some very technical sections.  Monoposto was last at Barber seven years ago and the track has only improved since then.  In addition to the track itself the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum features over 1600 motorcycles with 900 on display.  While the focus of the museum is motorcycles there are a number of cars including over 50 Lotus types.

In addition to being a Monoposto event the Barber Historics is also one of Formula Junior Historics North America events.  There will be a joint Formula Junior/Monoposto party at the track, most likely at the end of racing on Friday afternoon.  Look for announcements about the time and location when you're on the false grid.  While our parties are always about building our community beginning with this event trophies for our 2018 champions will be presented. 

Our messages are primarily about racing but I want to let you know about some changes at Monoposto.  After four years as the president of Monoposto Marc Giroux is transitioning to Formula B class director and head of scoring.  Following 13 years of handling the website and scoring I've been tapped to be the president.  On behalf of all our members let me extend a sincere thank you to Marc Giroux for leading Monoposto for the past four years.  I've had the good fortune to see his contributions first hand and they have been substantial.

Mark Clark is joining the board and taking on the website,  Mark is bringing a fresh approach to the web site which will come online in a few weeks.  I'll send out an email alerting members to the forthcoming change when the changeover schedule is clearer.  The current and historical content of today's website will be archived and will continue to be accessible.

In addition to the above changes Justin Frick is joining the Monoposto board as the Indy Lights Class director, replacing Steve Scullen.

In closing, I look forward to seeing you at a Monoposto event as the year progresses.  Make an effort to get out and join our camaraderie.

Travis Engen President, Monoposto Racing

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