2019 Champions Will Receive a Trophy Like This

2019 Monoposto season ended at the Circuit of the Americas and champions have been crowned in eight classes. They are as follows:

  • Formula Junior – Doug Elcomb

  • Formula Vee – Arnie Carbaugh

  • Historic Formula Ford – Dan Cowdrey

  • Club Ford – Mark Clark

  • Formula B – Travis Engen

  • Formula Atlantic – Josh Boller

  • F5000 – Mike Winn

  • Indy Lights – Travis Engen

Some of these champions are first-time winners and others have won in previous years. While it's wonderful to celebrate these champions it's worth noting that in three of our classes no driver participated enough to be crowned a champion. The Monoposto announcement the 2020 schedule will be a good opportunity to set your racing plans for next year. Remember that drivers need to have participated in three race weekends so planning ahead can yield real benefits.

The 2020 Monoposto schedule will be set shortly after we are able to secure the schedules for each of the sanctioning organizers on which we usually base our event selections. In addition to participation levels and choosing events that reflect the locations of our members, for the last few years we have been trying to have all of our championship classes compete at all of our events. (This seems to really build participation and camaraderie.) Please email me if you have suggestions for the 2020 schedule.

Finally, it's time to get busy preparing your car and equipment for 2020. Seat belts and HANS devices have finite certification periods and 2020 is another 5 year Snell Foundation helmet certification milestone so pay particular attention to these safety items.

Travis Engen

President, Monoposto Racing

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Formula Juniors in 2014. Photo courtesy of George McClure

After 10 events at 9 tracks the Monoposto season ends next weekend. The Circuit of the Americas doesn't have as long a history as the other tracks on the 2019 schedule, but it has many special features. CoTA was designed specifically as a venue for Formula 1 and will host the 2019 US Grand Prix in about a month.

The track has some really interesting characteristics from the challenging turn one with over 130 feet of elevation gain and narrows down significantly as you go through it. The stretch between turns three to ten is a real rhythm section. Your ability to balance your car through the turns 13 to 15 section can really pay off. The high-speed sweeper that starts coming out of turn 15 and ends with turn 19 will challenge you every lap as your tires age and the track evolves.

But while acknowledging all the challenges of the track, for me the best part of racing at CoTA is found off the track watching the Formula 1 race. Seeing cars racing at CoTA or watching the in-car video is a much richer experience if you have been on the track. You know that some sections that look challenging are straightforward and other parts that look simple are really challenging. Reading about this or hearing it on TV will never be as good as capturing the experience yourself so come to the last Monoposto event of 2019. Who knows, while there you might even lock up one of our 11 championships.

Following the precedent of the last few years there will not be a Monoposto party at CoTA. The schedule continues to be too full of on and off-track activities and, with race cars paddocked in three different areas around the track, our previous attempts to host parties just haven't worked out. If this creates some free time for you, take the opportunity to visit downtown Austin, billed as the Live Music Capital of the World.

Travis Engen


Monoposto Racing

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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Can it really be that our next to last event of the year is this coming weekend at VIR?

VIR is a wonderfully flowing natural terrain track: 3.27 miles of challenging sections like the Snake, the Climbing Esses, Oak Tree and Hog Pen.  The back straight is long enough that if you draft pass too early you will be re-passed!  Most of the turns are evocative of signature corners found at other tracks but they’re all here in one track.  The course was laid out in the late 1950s when natural terrain was the basis of road courses and the rebirth of the circuit in 2000 followed the original lines. We will have a Monoposto party hosted by Bill and Donna Demarest. Right now, it hasn'tr been decided if the party will be on Friday or Saturday so look for notices when you are in position on the false grid. Other series will be running late in the afternoon of each day so we should have an early start to snacks, libations and tall tales.

Our last event will be at CoTA in two and a half weeks so save some of your tire and engine budget for fun in Austin.

Travis Engen


Monoposto Racing