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Next Weekend at the Glen

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Monoposto has four race events in the next three weeks so over the next few weeks you can expect several messages from me featuring them. Each of the tracks are less than a day’s tow apart so even with two of the races on the same weekend it’s still possible for you to get to three of the events. Good luck to those who try!

The first of the four events is at Watkins Glen with HSR. Although HSR has had June dates at the Glen for many years the coming weekend is the first one in recent years and the first Classic 6 Hour event. The schedule for the weekend merges a typical HSR event schedule with a simulation of the IMSA 6 Hours at the Glen, so the schedule is quite full. Despite the opportunity a light entry list presents for those seeking championship points, the Monoposto entry count is very low.

The Glen is an awesome track for racing. The repaving a few years ago effectively remade the track on the same layout but eliminated some of the bumps and surface features that affected the driving line. For drivers new to the track it may be hard to keep your foot planted on the throttle from turn 1 to the Bus Stop but that section is absolutely flat out. Coming out of the Toe is now an easier passing zone with the bump over the tunnel under the track eliminated with the resurfacing.

Because of the small Monoposto car count there will not be a Monoposto party at the Glen, but by all means find me in the paddock to share a beverage and, if you earned one, pick up your 2022 championship trophy.

Travis Engen


Monoposto Racing

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