Updated: Sep 18

Imagine a three-week event sequence spanning Watkins Glen, Road America and VIR. It's hard to not find enjoyment in this.

Last weekend at Watkins Glen started out with many cars having teething problems that meant sessions ending very early. We also had several bouts of rain that kept cars off the track. Thankfully by Saturday afternoon and Sunday most of the issues were behind us and the racing was good. With the Watkins Glen event completed we have two more tracks to visit in this three-weekend series of events.

Next up is VSCDA's Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival XXXVI at Road America another classic track with early street course racing origins. Like Watkins Glen racing at Road America began on roads around and through Elkhart Lake. The entry list has over 30 cars in the Classic Run Group, while the Wings & Slicks group is sparse. Regardless, the racing should be great in both groups with a promising weather forecast.

The final event in the three-event sequence is SVRA's VIR Speed Tour and Trans Am. Entry information has not been published but there always seems to be good racing at VIR. Like Watkins Glen and Road America, the natural terrain course is fun to drive while presenting interesting challenges. There are two long straights that offer great drafting and the potential for lead changes almost every lap. If you get in the lead you need to really hustle to avoid being passed on the next straight.

As for previous events this year there will be no Monoposto party at either Road America or VIR. Hopefully next year the Covid pandemic will have receded enough that we will be able to resume them in 2022.

Travis Engen

President Monoposto

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Updated: Sep 8

After a one-year hiatus we are back with SVRA at Watkins Glen this week. This iconic event promises large grids, fun off-track activities like the Historical Tech Inspection Re-enactment at Smalley’s Garage and the Downtown Old Course Re-enactment. (Unfortunately, formula cars are excluded from the Re-enactments but you are welcome to be a spectator.) The agenda is full; each run group gets a practice session, three qualifying sessions and two races. Suitable cars are also eligible for one of the enduros. Excluding the enduros, this adds up to two and a half hours of track time! If that is not enough, SVRA allows formula cars to run in their enduros, so you have the opportunity to get an hour or more of additional track time and see how your car compares to full bodied cars on the track.

The Classic Monoposto run group has 22 entries while the wings & slicks group has 30, meaning that no matter what your pace is there should be someone for you to dice with.

Finally, the weather forecast looks promising with only one period of overnight showers projected.

As has become our custom during the pandemic there will be no Monoposto party but championship trophies will be available for presentation.

Travis Engen,

President Monoposto

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Updated: Aug 9

As the name of the event makes clear, XXXIV Au Grattan Vintage Grand Prix hosted by VSCDA means that VSCDA has been conducting this event since the late 1980s. As one of the few East Coast events in August, it's been a feature of the Monoposto calendar for most of that period but the real draw is the character of the track circuit.

Grattan Raceway is a challenging track where nearly all the corners are blind, off camber or both. The layout tests both the driver and the set-up of the car with challenges in every section of the track. The good news is that the schedule for the weekend will give you enough track time to both learn the track, if it's your first time there, and to get the set-up right.

One of the track's signature features is the jump on the straight between turns 4 and 5. Shock settings are key to whether your car will leave the ground and how it handles on the back side of the jump. You must get it right because there is a 90-degree right hand turn and a quick series of esses that quickly follow the jump.

Again, while we are in the Covid period, there will be no Monoposto party, but I hope everyone has a great time!

Travis Engen


Monoposto Racing

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