The first of two Canadian events on the Monoposto schedule is next weekend at Ontario's Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. The VARAC Vintage Grand Prix has been a feature of our activities for many decades. Unfortunately, this year the Covid pandemic continues to keep US/Canada border closed to US racers wanting to enter Canada. Notwithstanding this, the event is strongly supported with over 260 entries overall and 18 in the vintage open wheel run group. The usual race format for the Vintage Grand Prix provides for racing beginning in the first day. The grid for each race that follows is set by the previous race results. (It's not a good idea to skip a session in your group!) This means that good wheel-to-wheel racing begins early in the weekend and continues through Sunday.

COVID restrictions are also impacting the usually full social side of the Vintage Grand Prix. As a result, there will be no Monoposto party.

Following the Vintage Grand Prix is the other Canadian event on the Monoposto schedule is le Sommet des Légendes at Mont Tremblant. As I write this the status of that event is not clear. Not only is the matter of US racers entering Canada at question but also entries are not yet open for an event that occurs in less than four weeks. As better news, the five events that remain on Monoposto schedule following these two Canadian races look good so there is plenty of time to try to become a 2021 Monoposto champion.

Travis Engen

President, Monoposto Racing

Next weekend's SVRA Spring Vintage Festival at Road America is followed by HSR's Barber Historics at Barber Motorsports Park. Both locations are great tracks that are very different in character, but both are exhilarating to drive. In most years these events have been on the same weekend, so this is a rare chance to race them on sequential weekends. You could think if it as a way to start recovering from 2020.

Last year the SVRA event was one of the first to be held after cancellation of all racing activity in March. That event was well attended so I expect this year will be even better. In addition to the usual range of SVRA classes and groups US F4 and the Formula Regional Americas Championship will be racing on the same weekend. In fact, to minimize the impact on SVRA's regular groups, F4 and FR will continue their racing on Monday, while the regular SVRA racing concludes Sunday night. Both of these groups are full of drivers striving to make it in professional racing. If you get a chance to follow their activity you may see a talent that makes it to IndyCar or even F1 later in their career.

As was our norm last year there will be no Monoposto party at Road America.

Since the Monoposto events that follow in June and early July are both in Canada and the border crossing is closed from the US you should consider making a 10-day holiday of it and getting to Barber Motorsports Park for the following weekend of HSR racing. Barber won't let you stretch the legs of your car like Road America, but it is challenging and fun track. It has lots of elevation change and some really challenging turn sequences. In addition, for the less race inclined, the outstanding Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum is open to visitors again.

There will also be no Monoposto party at Barber, but the 2020 Monoposto trophies will be available. If you've earned one make your way to the GMT Paddock and Marc Giroux will present it to you.

Travis Engen

President, Monoposto Racing

This week brings the first event of the 2021 Monoposto Season: HSR's The Mitty at Road Atlanta. For a number of years this event has only featured one open wheel run group so Monoposto has only included it in the championship series for Indy Lights. This year, however, HSR has separated the open wheel classes. This means that all 11 Monoposto classes from formula Vee to Indy Lights will be included, a fitting beginning for all of our championship competitions. Unfortunately, it seems that given The Mitty's long history of one combined open wheel run group it will take time for drivers to understand that Classic cars will be able to compete as a separate group and for the participation of Classic cars to increase.

Road Atlanta is a racer's track with awesome features from the esses to the braking zone at the end of the back straight and the section out of turn 10b leading down the hill to start/finish. Over the years I've enjoyed many challenging races at Road Atlanta in classes from formula Ford to Indy Lights. Particularly in lower-powered cars drafting down the back straight offers opportunities for overtakes under braking going into turn 10a. Similarly, if you are quicker down the hill, the run to turn 1 is a great opportunity.

As was our practice in 2020 there will be no Monoposto party. (One can only hope that as 2021 progresses we will again be able to party together.)

Travis Engen

President Monoposto Racing

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