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Which do you Choose?

Updated: May 14, 2022

Next weekend brings a choice of two different venues for 2022 Monoposto championship races. Both Road America and Barber Motorsports Park will offer great competition. While the tracks are very different the racing will be fun regardless which of them you will be at.

Road America features long straights and sweeping corners. The carousel followed by the Kink will challenge anyone to put together a good lap. The long straights will offer drafting and passing possibilities.

Barber has a totally unique turn 2 carousel and uphill section as well as interesting straights, chicanes and the decreasing radius corner leading to a 90 degree right on to the front straight. Arguably Barber, the site of the Barber Motorsports Museum with over 900 motorcycles, was designed as a motorcycle track but Indy Car was there just a few weeks ago. Our cars won't be as quick as Indy Cars but we will still find the track challenging.

As Covid has become less of a concern we will re-initiate Monoposto parties this weekend. Bob Burnside will host the party at Road America in his paddock location atop the hill behind the garages. I will be the host in the GMT paddock at Barber. Trophies for last year's champions will be available for presentation at Barber. (They will be at Road America during the July and September Monoposto races.)

Travis Engen

President, Monoposto Racing

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