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Watkins Glen

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

After a one-year hiatus we are back with SVRA at Watkins Glen this week. This iconic event promises large grids, fun off-track activities like the Historical Tech Inspection Re-enactment at Smalley’s Garage and the Downtown Old Course Re-enactment. (Unfortunately, formula cars are excluded from the Re-enactments but you are welcome to be a spectator.) The agenda is full; each run group gets a practice session, three qualifying sessions and two races. Suitable cars are also eligible for one of the enduros. Excluding the enduros, this adds up to two and a half hours of track time! If that is not enough, SVRA allows formula cars to run in their enduros, so you have the opportunity to get an hour or more of additional track time and see how your car compares to full bodied cars on the track.

The Classic Monoposto run group has 22 entries while the wings & slicks group has 30, meaning that no matter what your pace is there should be someone for you to dice with.

Finally, the weather forecast looks promising with only one period of overnight showers projected.

As has become our custom during the pandemic there will be no Monoposto party but championship trophies will be available for presentation.

Travis Engen,

President Monoposto

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