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The Monoposto Trophies are Ready, are You?

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Monoposto’s first event of the 2023 season, HSR’s The Mitty at Road Atlanta, is a week away. In addition to the cars that are entered, the trophies for the Monoposto 2022 champions will be there.

The Mitty is one of the great events on the racing calendar. This year’s edition is the 45th, so the event has a long record of exciting racing. Nearly 300 cars are entered but as is the usual situation for the Mitty, formula cars represent one of the smaller run groups. This is partly due HSR’s practice of having only one open wheel run group, which is ultimately driven by the number of open wheel entries. This leads to the higher power, faster Monoposto cars dominating the entries and no doubt reduces entries in the lower power classes. While F5000 and Indy Lights lead the entry count there are also a couple of formula Fords on the list. In past years as entries grew before the event HSR agreed the split the group to segregate the Classic and F70 cars so ultimately it is up to us as entrants solve this chicken and egg problem by building the entry count.

From a driver’s perspective Road Atlanta is an awesome track. Key challenges are carrying speed up the hill through turn 1 and downhill through the final turn to start/finish. The esses can be challenging as well, particularly if the track is damp. If you are new to Road Atlanta there are many hot lap videos available online to help you come to grips with the track. In addition, when we are at the track, I will be happy to share my knowledge of the track and my own in-car videos to help you progress.

As stated above, the trophies for 2022 champions will be available. Because of the small entry count there will be no Monoposto party, but we will be searching out any of the 2022 champions at the track to make trophy presentations.

Travis Engen

President, Monoposto Racing

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