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Road America in July, as Sweet as the Corn!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

The WeatherTech International Challenge is definitely one of the premier road racing events in the U. S. As I write this there are over 400 entries across 14 run groups. Monoposto cars and drivers are well represented with 43 cars in the Classic run group and 29 cars in the Wings & Slicks run group. Both of these fields are about 50% higher than last year - no doubt more racers are coming out as the Covid pandemic recedes. Of course, while there will be plenty of competition in the races, the over 4 miles of track should let you find some clear areas for practice and qualifying.

Not only is the track a thrill to drive but also the race fans are among the most avid and best informed that you will find at any track. Last year they were very mindful of Covid concerns and the same can be expected this year.

Although we are getting close to the time when Monoposto parties will be appropriate there will not be one at this event. However, championship trophies will be available for presentation. As I write this two of our 2020 champions are entered in the event and will be receiving their trophies.

I look forward to seeing you at the track!

Travis Engen,

President Monoposto Racing

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