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Penultimate Event

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Can it really be that our next to last event of the year is this coming weekend at VIR?

VIR is a wonderfully flowing natural terrain track: 3.27 miles of challenging sections like the Snake, the Climbing Esses, Oak Tree and Hog Pen.  The back straight is long enough that if you draft pass too early you will be re-passed!  Most of the turns are evocative of signature corners found at other tracks but they’re all here in one track.  The course was laid out in the late 1950s when natural terrain was the basis of road courses and the rebirth of the circuit in 2000 followed the original lines. We will have a Monoposto party hosted by Bill and Donna Demarest. Right now, it hasn'tr been decided if the party will be on Friday or Saturday so look for notices when you are in position on the false grid. Other series will be running late in the afternoon of each day so we should have an early start to snacks, libations and tall tales.

Our last event will be at CoTA in two and a half weeks so save some of your tire and engine budget for fun in Austin.

Travis Engen


Monoposto Racing

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