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Next Weekend is Monoposto's First 2022 Event!

The first event of the 2022 season is next weekend at Road Atlanta. HSR's The Mitty has appropriately been on our schedule for many years. The event is one of the largest for vintage/historic racing and a real attraction. Unfortunately, this means that track time is very dear, and this year's schedule places all open wheel cars in the same run group. As combining faster and slower cars invariably reduces the entries of lower powered cars, no doubt this has significantly contributed to the fact that as I write this there are only 13 open wheel entries. Last year, with two open wheel run groups, there were 32 total entries. (I expect many more entries at the next HSR event on our schedule - HSR's Barber Motorsports Park.)

Road Atlanta is a racer's track with awesome features from the esses to the braking zone at the end of the back straight and the section out of turn 10b leading down the hill to start/finish. Over the years I've personally enjoyed many challenging races at Road Atlanta in classes from formula Ford to Indy Lights. Particularly in lower-powered cars drafting down the back straight offers opportunities for overtakes under braking going into turn 10a. Similarly, if you are quicker down the hill, the run to turn 1 is a great passing opportunity.

As was our practice in 2021 there will be no Monoposto party. (I expect that as the year progresses, we will once again begin to have parties at events.)

Travis Engen

President Monoposto Racing

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