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Finally, a New Racing Season Begins!

This week brings the first event of the 2021 Monoposto Season: HSR's The Mitty at Road Atlanta. For a number of years this event has only featured one open wheel run group so Monoposto has only included it in the championship series for Indy Lights. This year, however, HSR has separated the open wheel classes. This means that all 11 Monoposto classes from formula Vee to Indy Lights will be included, a fitting beginning for all of our championship competitions. Unfortunately, it seems that given The Mitty's long history of one combined open wheel run group it will take time for drivers to understand that Classic cars will be able to compete as a separate group and for the participation of Classic cars to increase.

Road Atlanta is a racer's track with awesome features from the esses to the braking zone at the end of the back straight and the section out of turn 10b leading down the hill to start/finish. Over the years I've enjoyed many challenging races at Road Atlanta in classes from formula Ford to Indy Lights. Particularly in lower-powered cars drafting down the back straight offers opportunities for overtakes under braking going into turn 10a. Similarly, if you are quicker down the hill, the run to turn 1 is a great opportunity.

As was our practice in 2020 there will be no Monoposto party. (One can only hope that as 2021 progresses we will again be able to party together.)

Travis Engen

President Monoposto Racing

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