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Down to the Wire

Next weekend will mark the final race of the 2021 Monoposto season. As our last event of the year SVRA's U. S. Vintage National Championship at the Circuit of the Americas features large entry lists in all Monoposto classes. In fact, the event is fully subscribed in all classes and run groups. For the first time in memory last week SVRA announced that entries were closed.

There are 56 cars registered in Group 2 which includes all the Classic classes from FJ to Formula 2. FV cars are in a separate group with 34 cars that are running in Group 1 which brings the total of Classic Monoposto car entries to nearly double last year's total.

SVRA's Group 9, which includes all F70 classes and Indy Lights, has 31 entries spread across many classes so there will be spirited racing on offer for everyone.

With so many cars entered, the sessions will be crowded but for Sunday's "Helmet" races, the fields will have three group races: Group 2, Group 1b (Formula Vee) and Group 9.

The race circuit at CoTA has many challenges beginning with the tightening turn 1 to the esses that follow. There are some really high-speed straights and sections like the epic turn 16, 17 and 18 sweeper near the end of the lap. If you watch last weekend's F1 race there you will also know that despite efforts to smooth it out, the circuit is quite bumpy. In summary, there is something to test us all.

Unlike last year the Monoposto schedule (save for races in Canada) occurred as anticipated a year ago when the schedule was set. Of the 11 categories of Monoposto championships it looks like 9 will meet the three-event threshold for trophy presentation. Of these 8 championships will be decided based on the action at CoTA. Only one championship has already been locked up: Indy Lights. Congratulations to Marc Giroux the 2021 champion!

SVRA Covid-19 precautions will be in full effect, masks everywhere, social distancing and basically no social events. The usual SVRA season ending banquet and prize giving will not happen. There will also be no Monoposto Party.

I hope to see you at the track!

Travis Engen,

President, Monoposto Racing

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