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Club Racing at Its Best

The second race of the revised 2020 schedule is next weekend at Grattan Raceway. This annual VSCDA event has been held for 34 years and has been on the Monoposto schedule for most of them. The event setting is a very challenging track northeast of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The track features blind corners, off camber corners, tight bowl corners (many of these features combined in the same corner!) and the straights that connect them. See the above Google satellite image. It's truly a driver's track and, particularly for our Classic run group cars, a real blast to drive. The coronavirus willing you can expect many FVs, FFs and FB cars to be there.

The Vintage Grand Prix au Grattan XXXIV, which usually has a lot of family friendly aspects and is self-described as VSCDA's Summer Party, is being conducted with a very detailed set of instructions to prevent Covid-19 transmission so fishing and social gatherings and other usual event activities are circumscribed. If you are going, please make sure you review the detailed Covid-19 Track Procedures posted on VSCDA's website. Consistent with the VSCDA guidance there will be no Monoposto party.

As the previous Monoposto event at Road America demonstrated, even with all of the arrangements to make this event possible in the time of the coronavirus, the actual racing should be enjoyable and a welcome change.

I hope everyone has a great time!

Travis Engen,

President, Monoposto Racing

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