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August Means Monoposto Goes to Grattan

For many years our only event in August has been the VSCDA’s Au Grattan weekend that comes in just a few days. This year is the 36th time that VSCDA has held this event at the track.

Grattan Raceway Park is a wonderful club level track. Driving it is quite technical, requiring a good setup and memory to master the blind/off camber corners. One of the track's signature features is the jump on the straight between turns 4 and 5. Shock settings are key to whether your car will leave the ground and how it handles on the back side of the jump. You must get it right because there is a 90-degree right hand turn and a quick series of esses that quickly follow the jump.

Each year formula Vees show up in large numbers for some of the best racing for this class on the Monoposto schedule. So far this year we have not had any formula Vee Monoposto members score points so this weekend could be the start of a 2022 Championship run for someone.

The weekend has a banquet and other social events so there will not be a Monoposto party. The long-range weather forecast looks good, so I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Travis Engen,

President Monoposto

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