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How Will You Handle the Jump?

In less than a week the XXXIII Au Grattan Vintage Grand Prix hosted by VSCDA will begin. Grattan is a wonderful club track just about 20 miles northeast of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The track is 2 miles long with 10 turns and nearly every one of them is blind, off camber or both. There is even a jump, where formula cars from FB to FV clear the ground, that is followed quickly by a 90-degree righthand turn. Do you brake before or after the jump? That was the question I was asking myself on my first trip there. You need to find out for yourself.

In addition to the intricacies of the circuit, the VSCDA event hosts a Formula Vee Challenge race and a "FF Birthday" race as well as the usual sprint races. There is so much track time on offer that, if you have never been to Grattan before, you will be able to learn the circuit.

There is a fishing competition for the kids in the pond and a swimming pool to cool off in later on. Saturday night features the Hagerty Banquet.

Tom and Gretchen Pixley will host the Monoposto party in their paddock area on Friday night so plan on a great time with your fellow Monoposto members.

Travis Engen


Monoposto Racing

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