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2017 Monoposto Rules


The overall Monoposto Rules have been updated, principally to add car class minimum weights that have been included in the individual class specifications. they may be opened through the below link:

2017 Monoposto Rules

Both the Historic Formula Ford and Club Ford rules have been revised for 2017. The primary changes are:

  • Inclusion of the Hoosier Formula Ford tires based on the lap time and wear experience in 2016.
  • Adoption of the SCCA 2015 GCR Kent and Cortina engine rules to replace ours. The most significant changes are a reduction of minimum flywheel weight and the inclusion of aluminum heads.  Minimum car weights do NOT change.
  • Elimination of the requirement that HFF cars have steel shock bodies.  Functional requirements are unchanged.

If your car was legal against last year’s Formula Ford specification then it is legal against the updated rules. Copies of the class specifications can be found through the links below:

Historic Formula Ford Class Specification

Club Formula Ford Class Specification

The Formula Super Vee specification has also been updated. The changes are primarily in the air-cooled section. Again if your car was legal last year is still ok.

Formula Super Vee Class Specification

Latest versions of the other class specifications are available through the below links:

Formula Vee Class Specification

Formula Junior Class Specification

Formula B / Formula 2 Class Specification

Formula C/III Class Specification

Formula Atlantic Class Specification

Formula 5000 Class Specification

Monoposto Race Coordinator Duties

The Indy Lights rules are governed by the 2001 Indy Lights rules and further details as presented on the Indy Lights web site.







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