Start Your Planning for the 2015 Monoposto Championships


The new year is upon us and we're celebrating it with the above photo of our 2014 formula B champion, Bobby Brown in his 1970 Brabham BT35.

With the start of the year it's also time to start making plans for our 2015 race season.  It is shaping up to be a great one!              

The Monoposto schedule for 2015 looks very much like 2014, except that we are adding the national race weekend for Formula Juniors which will be in Sonoma in 2015.  Also please note the date change for Watkins Glen due to repaving. The details are available on the 2015 Schedule page.

You will note that the schedule, as usual, has two Canadian events. For those of you who have never driven Mosport or Tremblant, you really should have them on your bucket list.  I have been to both tracks many times and both are in my top 4 anywhere.  They flow exceptionally well, have lots of elevation change, have many great passing areas and have some turns where you can really carry some momentum. Both are classic, old style F1 tracks which hosted the Canadian Grand Prix in the 60’s and 70’s.  Mont Tremblant also has the ski town a couple of miles away with truly exceptional accommodations and food.

If you live in the US and have concerns about crossing the border, I can tell you from experience that it is not that hard.  I towed my own cars round trip at least a dozen times and only opened the trailer once.  I would be happy to detail my experiences for you.

If you work with somebody who provides track support with a commercial type rig, they can easily get the “rules of the road” from the folks who do it all the time.  I am more than happy to provide some contacts.  I can also try to connect you up with somebody who can provide transport and track support if you wish.  My point is, don’t let the border alone keep you from running a great track and event. 

For some time our rules have had a written participation requirement for winning a class trophy.  For 2015 we are going to reduce that number from 5 events to 3, but then actually abide by it.  So if you want to have a shot at winning your class, please be sure to plan on attending at least 3 weekends.

We have also been requiring annual registration since the founding of Monoposto Racing.  It was associated with the paying of annual dues which we no longer have.  Starting in 2015, if you have registered in the past you don’t need to re-register.  If you are getting this email, you are registered.  One request: if you change your email address, PLEASE let me know.  I also do registration and it takes time to chase bouncing emails.

Historic Indy Lights will become a class within Monoposto in 2015 with its own class specification, rules, scoring, schedule, etc. as stated on the  That series and website will remain unchanged. Monoposto format documents will be developed to reflect the Indy Lights specs, rules and scoring.  The current Indy Lights series manager, Steve Scullen, will become a director of Monoposto.  Steve also drives a Formula Ford and has been a member of Monoposto for some time.

If you know you are going to an event and would like to host the party, please let me know.  Some munchies, drinks and a paddock to tell stories in is all it takes.  We plan to have one at each event to help everybody get to know each other better.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to email me or any of the other directors.

Marc Giroux
President, Monoposto Racing




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