Monoposto's Fall Season is in Full Swing


The Fall season is officially underway for Monoposto Racing with Watkins Glen being the most recent event.  We still have VSCDA Road America and SVRA VIR and COTA events to go, so come on out and get your share of the points!

Speaking of points, while at Watkins Glen we recognized the 2013 class champions who were present, including Jim Van Nordstrand in FV, Travis Engen in FB, Gordon Medenica in F70 / F2, and Bruce Domeck for CFF.  The picture above shows Bruce receiving his trophy from Dave and myself. Congrats to all! 

Next up is VSCDA Road America which promises to bring a great grid of Monoposto cars to a great track.  This event brings out so many Formula Vees that they have their own run group.  That should be a great race to watch!

At Elkhart, your party hosts will be the Formula Vee group.  It will begin Friday at 4:30 at the Irish Racing Paddock (which is usually near the entrance to the false grid).  Please stop by and get to know your fellow racers.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Dave Handy, who has served so well as President of Monoposto Racing over the last several years.  No volunteer organization like ours survives without somebody who has passion and takes a real interest in the sport, the organization’s purpose and the success of the members.  Dave has done an awesome job of leading us in a time of significant changes in the structure of vintage racing.  It is time for him to get a break to enable him to focus on his day job, so I volunteered to succeed him in the role.  I hope to help carry on the tradition of Monoposto Racing being an organization which brings value to both the racers and race organizers.  We do that primarily by maintaining a broad based set of rules, by designating a set of races as part of our championship series to encourage good grid sizes, and by encouraging racers to get to know each other by holding social events at most race weekends.  It seems harder to put a rude move on a friend than on an unknown black helmet with a dark shield.

If you have suggestions on improvements we can make, by all means let me know.  My email address is on the website.

Hopefully our paths will cross at a race weekend soon.

Marc Giroux





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