The Start of a New Season!

OK everybody, spring is here and it is time to go racing.  No doubt all of you have your cars race ready so there is nothing left to do but push them into the trailer.  That is what long winters are for.

The season actually began a couple of weeks ago for the Indy Lights series with their season opener being held at The Mitty at Road Atlanta.  Except for rain on Sunday, it was a perfect weekend.  Mark Brannon, last year's champion pictured at the top above, won the first race of the season, leading from flag to flag.

The first weekend for the broader Monoposto race series will take place May 18-21 with SVRA at Road America.  This is the first year since 2013 that most of our race classes have had this race on the calendar and we are really looking forward to it!

Many thanks to Bob Burnside for volunteering to host the Monoposto party at Road America.  It will take place at Bob’s location in the uppermost paddock beginning at 4:30 pm on Friday.  He will have his Formula B and Atlantic cars there as landmarks.   If you are unfamiliar with the paddock layout, you get there by going up the road behind the garage building.  Please stop by to chat with your fellow competitors and get acquainted with anybody you don’t already know.  We will also have the 2016 trophies along to begin presenting them to the winners.

If you have not yet noticed, we did some updating on all of the rules over the winter.  While most of the rules were simply cleaned up for format and consistency, we did have significant content changes in the Historic Formula Ford, Club Formula Ford and in the air-cooled portion of the Formula Super Vee rules.  These updated specifications may be found on 2017 Rules page.  None of the changes will affect drivers whose cars are unchanged from last year.  If your car was legal last year it is legal this year.

See you at Elkhart Lake!

                                    Marc Giroux
                                    President, Monoposto Racing




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